Sunday, 1 June 2008

Carreg Rhoson 01/06/2008

Conditions were totally different to yesterday with the sea mist clearing some time during the night. I left Porthsele and decided to paddle straight out, roughly on a course for North Bishop and see how things went.

The sea was flat calm and the tide was still flowing southwards so it was taking me down towards Ramsey Island rather than round St David's Head. Progress was a lot easier than expected and before I knew it the rock of Carreg-trai was fast approaching. I made a slight alteration to my course, and paddling against the tide flow, headed straight for it.

I had a brief rest and took a few photos, the one below is looking back at St David's Head. It was surprising how fast the tide was flowing and before I knew it Carreg-trai was disappearing.

I was half tempted to carry on paddling out towards North Bishop but I knew the tide would soon be changing which would make my return quite a struggle, and also it did still look like quite a distance to paddle.

I was now in the main tidestream and made good progress down to Carreg Rhoson sighting numerous porpoises on the way but, as usual, they were far too interested in feeding than posing for a picture.

As I reached Carreg Rhoson the tide was just starting to change and flow north easterly and although South Bishop was looking invitingly close it would have been a long hard slog against the tide.

After another brief rest stop it was a leisurely ferry glide back across to Ramsey Island. I was tempted to carry on southward around the Island but the tide was already flowing quickly against me so decided to save it for another day.

On reaching Trwyn Sion-Owen, the northerly tip of Ramsey, I stopped again for a quick drink and to take a look back at Carreg Rhoson, and felt a slight sense of achievement at having done it.

By now, although not rough, Ramsey Sound was flowing very fast northwards so using the south flowing counter eddy near the Island I paddled southward until I hit the north flowing stream which took me nicely across to St John's point and back to Porthsele.

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