Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Small Weather Window 30/10/2010

With the Inshore Shipping Forecast predicting Force 4 or 5 winds increasing to Force 6 - Force 8 I launched from a very calmer Porthsele than yesterday.

Tracy braved the mud on the coast path to accompany me as far as St John's Point taking photos along the way.

The closer I got to St John's Point the more noticeable the remnants  of the last few day's large seas became.

Reaching St John's Point I lose any shelter I had from the still pretty strong wind and Tracy also decides to call it a day and heads back to Pencarnan.

I play around  in the tide stream at the next headland along from St John's and after a while the sun has disappeared and a menacing bank of black cloud is approaching.

Paddling into St Justinian I am greeted by 2 seals having a nap on a large rubber float, a lot more comfortable than a rocky beach.

There was no shelter to be had at St Justinian so I begin my paddle back to Porthsele accompanied by a heavy rainstorm.

The rain followed me all the way back to Porthsele with it getting very dark, hard to believe I had left here earlier in bright sunshine.

Only a short paddle taking advantage of a small break in the weather to get a last paddle in the Nordkapp to end a great week of Sea and Surf Kayaking.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Big Friday 29/10/2010

Like the classic 1978 surfing film Big Wednesday the surf has been building all week and today seemed to be the pinnacle of the week's increasing wind and swell.

Venturing out in the Juice there were some very large and powerful waves coming through which made for an interesting paddle out.

Once out past the break it also made for some interesting take offs and some pretty fast rides.

The only bad point was after enjoying a long ride I then had to endure another paddle back out through  the white stuff.

Still it was worth the effort though sometimes it was like being in a washing machine on the fast cycle, good rolling practice though.

Thanks again to the wife Tracy who got some great shots today considering I was so far out. A great surf, and all that salt has worked up a bit of a thirst, a few cold Guiness could be on the cards!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Surf's Up Day 3 28/10/2010

No change from yesterday except for the wind changing direction and going offshore creating steeper but more powerfil waves.

The waves took a bit of catching but once on them I managed to get some pretty decent long rides.

With the steepness of the waves it was even easier to loop the kayak than on the previous 2 days. Thanks again to my better half for braving the elements and once again taking the photos.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Surf's Up 27/10/2010

With the wind much the same as yesterday but the surf slightly bigger it was going to be another surfing session.

Today I was joined by Martyn in his Microbat, Adrian showing us how it's done on his fishing SOT and Elliot in a kayak they had acquired from somewhere.

The waves were larger than yesterday but the Juice performed really well spinning easily in the surf.
Swapping boats with Elliot  who was coping really well especially as he has only recently started kayking, I found the acquired boat very easy to loop, great fun.

Another great day's surfing with thanks going out to the wife and Reverand Don for braving the elements and taking the photos.