Sunday, 24 October 2010

Somewhere Under The Rainbow 24/10/2010

With half term finally arriving and the weather improving since yesterday it was great to get back in the Nordkapp and with Martyn also down for the week, I was to be paddling with company.

We paddled across Whitesands Bay and over towards Porth Melgan with a very dark menacing rain cloud lurking to our right.

Exploring one of the caves before reaching Porth Melgan  we hoped the rain cloud might pass us by.
No such luck as we started to paddle across Porth Melgan the wind increased and the rain started, one plus though was the 1st rainbow of today's paddle.

Paddling out to St Davids Head we then headed Southward towards Ramsey Island before sheltering from the wind at Gwahan where we saw our 2nd rainbow of the day.

After a brief stop we broke back into the Southerly flowing ebb tide and let it take us down to Ramsey Island.

As we begin our paddle the rainbow completes a full semi circle which is something that doesn't happen very often, only thing was it was too big for the viewfinder and it was too windy to mess about with the camera's settings.

There was no pot of gold under this particular rainbow today only Martyn and a Ramsey Island boat trip RIB, so I guess I will have to stick with the job for a little while longer!

After watching the rainbow for a while it was back to the slog of crossing the Sound before we were taken too far South.

Reaching St Justinian it was good to get out of the wind and enjoy a hot drink and some chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake.

After our rest we started on our paddle back to Porthsele making a small detour out to Carreg Gafeilliog to have a play in the standing waves.

We stayed for a while enjoying the waves with Martyn seeming to be enjoying himself and a good opportunity for some action photos.

A paddle of just over 6 nautical miles (just over 7 miles or 11.5 kms) to start the week though I don't know how much paddling we will do as the forecast isn't looking too good.

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