Monday, 25 October 2010

Last Chance For A Paddle? 25/10/2010

With the wind forecast to pick up to Force 7 later I thought it best to get on the water sooner rather than later. With Martyn AWOL I was to be back paddling on my own.

I had thought of paddling around to Porthllisky but on reaching the North end of Ramsey Sound the Southerly wind was already strong so I decided to stay local.

I let the Southerly ebbing tide take me down to the Bitches and through the arch near to the Island's jetty.
Paddling along the Bitches I could see into St Brides Bay which was looking very choppy, I think I made the right decision.

I paddled along the jagged reef having to be careful not to be dragged through the narrow gaps by the ebbing tide.
I make my way to the outermost Bitch and then start my paddle Northward aided by the Southerly wind and a counter eddy.
Reaching the NE point of Ramsey I break back into the Southerly flowing tide race and enjoy the bumpy ride diagonally through Ramsey Sound.
Breaking out of the tide race before being taken out of the Sound I have a break in the glassy calm water sheltered from the wind, totally opposite from the water I have just paddled through.
I follow the coast Northward exploring one of the many caves which is partially lit up by the bright sunlight.
Nearing Porthsele I meet up with Martyn who is just setting off on his paddle heading in the direction from where I have just come.
Instead of paddling into Porthsele I decide to make the most of today before the weather changes for the worse so I carry on out to St Davids Head and explore some of the caves along the peninsula.
It is starting to take a bit of effort paddling back into the wind but at least there are plenty of caves to get some respite.
A paddle of just over 9 nautical miles (10.4 miles or 16.5 kms) which could be the last for a few days judging by the forecast.

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