Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Small Weather Window 30/10/2010

With the Inshore Shipping Forecast predicting Force 4 or 5 winds increasing to Force 6 - Force 8 I launched from a very calmer Porthsele than yesterday.

Tracy braved the mud on the coast path to accompany me as far as St John's Point taking photos along the way.

The closer I got to St John's Point the more noticeable the remnants  of the last few day's large seas became.

Reaching St John's Point I lose any shelter I had from the still pretty strong wind and Tracy also decides to call it a day and heads back to Pencarnan.

I play around  in the tide stream at the next headland along from St John's and after a while the sun has disappeared and a menacing bank of black cloud is approaching.

Paddling into St Justinian I am greeted by 2 seals having a nap on a large rubber float, a lot more comfortable than a rocky beach.

There was no shelter to be had at St Justinian so I begin my paddle back to Porthsele accompanied by a heavy rainstorm.

The rain followed me all the way back to Porthsele with it getting very dark, hard to believe I had left here earlier in bright sunshine.

Only a short paddle taking advantage of a small break in the weather to get a last paddle in the Nordkapp to end a great week of Sea and Surf Kayaking.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

Well, what a week eh? I'm glad I didn't stay later to get a paddle in!