Sunday, 7 November 2010

Hoping For A Sunrise 07/11/2010

I was on the water early hoping for a sunrise but in vain, there were clear skies to the West but thick black cloud to the East in the direction I was heading toward Sully Island.

It was a bit of a struggle as the Westerly flowing ebbing tide was already flowing quickly through Sully Sound but I eventually made it to Sully Island and started paddling around the South of the small island.
Sully Island is a small tidal island joined to the mainland by a causeway which is exposed approx 3 hours either side of low water.  Due to the huge tidal range of the Bristol Channel it is easy to get cut off with some unfortunate folk being swept to their deaths.

As I ferry glide back across Sully Sound towards the mainland I look toward Flat Holm and Steep Holm with the sun trying to force a way through any small break in the cloud.

Paddling into St Mary's Well Bay I get a little shelter from the surprisingly strong breeze and watch as 100's of Crows or Rooks fly overhead after leaving their night time roost.

Paddling out of the sheltered bay I pick up a counter eddy which aids my progress to Lavernock Point.  It was from here in 1897 that Marconi first transmitted a wireless signal over sea to Flat Holm.
The tide is tearing past Lavernock Point and I do a few circuits breaking in and out of the fast flowing tide race with the sun still battling with the cloud above Flat Holm.

As I start my paddle back the sky ahead is cloudless but behind me there is still very dark menacing cloud.
I make fast progress back toward Sully Sound aided by the ever increasing ebbing Spring tide.

Passing through Sully Sound I make a slight detour over to the shipwreck on Sully Island before returning to the Sully YC slipway with the sun and cloud still battling to get the upperhand.


Stuart said...

I see what you mean, looked a bit more choppy than when I passed through Lavernock. Cold enough for you, I think hat and gloves this weekend!

stoney (Martyn) said...

Not a chance for me to get out anywhere again.... 2 foot of snow here for 3 days.
Might take Micro bat sledging tommorrow!

Stuart said...

Just aim it south west and you'll get down to the coast in no time!

Richard said...

Got an excuse for this weekend Stuart the wife is away for the weekend so I am left holding the fort.
Lets hope you get a warmer spell before the New Year Mart.

Stuart said...

Same here, was looking forward to a paddle then wife dropped the bomb shell she was off to London with the girls shopping leaving me at home with the kids! May get another late one out Sunday afternoon. Could be worse could be snowed in up north! only joking martyn.