Friday, 19 November 2010

Under A Solva Moon 19/11/2010

The tide was just right at Solva for a late afternoon paddle on route to Pencarnan, with even the possibility of a sunset. 

The harbour was pretty quiet with the majority of the boats out of the water and now in Winter storage.
I paddled into and along the pebbled beach of Gwadn and explore the caves at the harbour's entrance before paddling out into St Brides Bay. 

I paddle through the small arch just outside the harbour and then along the high cliffs to the West of Solva.
There was to be no sunset with only a bank of cloud out to the West which the sun had disappeared into.
Paddling back toward Solva the cloud cleared enough to let the almost full moon brighten my way through the increasing dusk. 

As it gets darker the moon gets brighter but it is difficult to hold the camera steady long enough to get any decent photos.

Arriving back at the car park the tide is still high enough so it is only a short walk up the slipway. No sunset but at least I managed a small paddle to start the weekend.

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