Sunday, 23 November 2008

What No Salt!!! 23/11/2008

With no paddling on the last two weekends due to the windy conditions, and this one being the same, I was going a bit stir crazy and decided to go for a paddle on the River Taff, my local river.

Launching just above Radyr Weir I paddled upstream passing under the M4 with Castell Coch dominating the hillside above the river.

Castell Coch, translated from Welsh is the Red Castle, was built on the remains of a 14th century castle in the 1870's and completed in 1891 for the Third Marquis of Bute.

Paddling up a little further to a small stretch of white water where, when there is more water in the river, there is a small wave to play on.

I turn around and have a leisurely paddle back down the river to Radyr Weir which, again, could have done with having a bit more water going over it, but even still was good fun and I got a good soaking at the bottom.

Only a short paddle but good to get back on the water even though it wasn't salty!

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