Friday, 19 February 2010

Chasing Curlew 19/02/2010

Arriving late Friday afternoon I reckoned there was just enough time for a quick paddle before it got dark. In no time at all I was paddling out of Porthsele, the first time in 7 weeks and it was good to be back.
I paddled straight out from the beach for about 15 minutes until I felt the southerly flowing ebb tide start to take me towards Ramsey Island.

Stopping for a while to take a few photos the sky looked a bit stormy behind Whitesand's Bay, luckily it was moving away from me.

Letting the tide take me I was swept past Gwahan, the small rock to the north of Ramsey Island, where I broke out of the current into the calmer water at the south east of the rock.

Paddling up to the north of Gwahan I broke back into the tidal flow and had a surf and play around on the small standing waves.

With a bit of effort I paddle around the north of Gwahan and then back down the western side where the sea was a little lumpy but great fun.

I disturbed a large group of Curlew as I was again swept southward but as I paddled back into the calm water they had returned back to the rock. I tried to get a bit closer but each time they would fly off, circle and land back on the rock further away from me. We repeated this for a while until I gave up and the above picture was the best I could manage.
Carrying on southwards towards Ramsey there was a bit of confused water which made things a bit more interesting and South Bishop Lighthouse soon disappeared past the northern tip of Ramsey.
As I entered Ramsey Sound the Bitches were looking menacingly large in the fading light as I ferry glided back across to the mainland.
There would be no sunset today as there was a large bank of black cloud but occasionally the sun's rays would manage to pierce the cloud.

Only a short paddle of 4.5 nautical miles but a good way to hopefully start a weekend of paddling in West Wales.


Stuart Wales said...

Hi Richard
Do you mind me asking what camera you use? You seem to get some really good action shots with the water coming over your bow. Is it water proof or do you use a cover. I use a small digital camera which isn't water proof which means it only comes out of my day hatch in calm water.

All the best. Stuart

Richard said...

Hi Stuart
I have used a Sony Cybershot DSC-U60 for a few years now which is great for action shots, though it has recently been playing up so I haven't used it for a while. I used to use a non waterproof camera but the salt finally got to it last summer. Since then I have been using a Pentax Optio W80 which I have been very pleased with and the results haven't been too bad

Stuart Wales said...

Thanks Richard. Looks like a nice camera, you definitely get some nice shots with it. I think I'll add it to my wish list. Cheers.