Sunday, 14 November 2010

Planes, Ships And Automobiles 14/11/2010

Launching again from the Sully YC slipway I wasn't sure whether to go left or right so I just paddled straight out to see how strong the tide was flowing.

I was tempted to let the tide take me down and out to Steep Holm but there were a good 3 hours or so before the tide changed direction to aid my paddle back. The flow at the moment didn't seem too strong so I decided to paddle against it out to a buoy I could see in the distance.
As I paddled in a SW direction I watched a container ship and an oil tanker have what looked like a close call but no damage done just maybe a few choice words over the radio.

I stop paddling for a while as it was getting a bit like Spaghetti Junction with ships coming from all directions and I didn't particularly want to get in the way.

I let the Stolt Kestrel a 100m long Oil Tanker built in 1992 pass on it's way into Barry Dock and then let for the remaining 2 ships to pass each other before continuing on my way.

I made good progress out to the Merkur Buoy considering I was paddling against the tide though it was a small neap one. A plane flew overhead circling a few times as it waited to land at Cardiff Airport. 

At the Merkur Buoy I change my course and start paddling back toward the South Wales coast via the Welsh Water Barry West Buoy on the way.

On route I am again passed overhead by 2 more aircraft flying into Cardiff Airport, it seems there are a lot of people travelling in various forms of transport today.
I paddle into the steep pebbled beach at the Knap with the Porthkerry Country Park Viaduct in the background.

I paddle along the Knap heading toward the South Cardinal Marker off Cold Knap Point another large container ship is just passing Steep Holm.

The ship passes me at a distance as I paddle across Whitmore Bay better known as Barry Island where a lot of the BBC comedy Gavin and Stacey was filmed.

Under the watchful eye of the National Coastwatch Station I round Nell's Point and paddle across Jackson Bay toward the lighthouse at the entrance to Barry Dock.

Paddling past the lighthouse I enter the sheltered water of the entrance to Barry Dock and paddle over to the Trinity House vessel Mair which was moored up next to the Barry Dock Lifeboat.
The Barry Dock Lifeboat Inner Wheel II is a Trent class lifeboat with a range of 250 nautical miles with a top speed of 25 knots.

I stop for a chat with Derek and Craig both keen paddlers who work on the Pilot boat before I start my paddle out of the mirror like water of Barry Dock.

As I leave the Dock it looks like the other side of the Bristol Channel are copping a bit of inclement weather, I wonder if it's heading in my direction.

It is a straight paddle back to the slipway where it looks like the rainstorm is staying over the other side of the channel.

An enjoyable paddle of just over 10 nautical miles (11.8 miles or 19 km) with as is often the case me having no idea where I am going till I start paddling.

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This is very interesting. I study the tidal cultures of the Severn Estuary and tidal cultures more widely.

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