Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Local Paddle 21-11-2010

With the wind picking up through the night I decided to stay local before driving back to Cardiff later today.
Leaving Porthsele I paddled across Whitesands Bay and to the Ram's Nose where the tide was low enough to get into the cave that runs through the rocky promontory.

Leaving the cave I paddle into Porth Lleuog and check out the other end of the cave.

Paddling along the St Davids Head peninsula I am sheltered from the wind and paddle into some of the caves on route.

Paddling across a deserted Porth Melgan I pass a small spring flowing into the entrance of a small cave.

Reaching St Davids Head as is often the case the conditions liven up as I lose the shelter from the wind.

I paddle for a while against the tide and wind before turning round and let nature do most of the work as I head SW toward Ramsey Island.

The further I paddle away from St Davids Head the more the sea calms but on reaching Gwahan the conditions liven up again.
My speed picks up as I paddle into the Southerly flowing tide race into Ramsey Sound.

I am swept pastTrwyn Ogof Hen at the NE corner of Ramsey Island and through the middle of Ramsey Sound.
I paddle out of the tide race nearing Horse Rock and paddle into a sheltered and very quiet St Justinian before heading back to Porthsele.

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