Friday, 11 December 2009

A Perfect Pembrokeshire Winter's Sunset 11/12/2009

After far too long off the water due to our inclement British weather, the forecast was finally looking promising. Finishing work early I drove westward for hopefully a weekend of paddling.
As I drove, it was clear there was going to be a good sunset. With it being touch and go whether I would make it to Pencarnan in time I stopped at Solva, and with the tide in it was just right. I quickly untied the kayak and put on my paddling kit and was soon paddling out of a deserted Solva Harbour.
For a while I thought I had missed the sunset but as I reached the harbour entrance the sun hadn't yet disappeared, so I paddled out further and it looked like it was going to be well worth the rush to get on the water.
I paddled out a short distance and it was just a matter of sitting and watching the sun slowly disappear below the horizon and snap away with the camera to my heart's content.
The wind picked up a bit which made it a little difficult taking pictures but as the sun disappeared the sunset became even more impressive with the bank of cloud increasing the visual effect.
I slowly made my way back to the harbour entrance continously turning around to look back at the darkening sky.

Paddling back into the sheltered harbour it was now dark giving me a chance to experiment with the camera. Though it was difficult to hold the camera steady long enough for the exposure or something like that.
Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be as good as this short paddle with my only worry being the increasing wind but at least I had some decent sunset photos which have been few and far between this year.


eurion said...

Lovely colours in the cloud.

stoney (Martyn) said...

Very nice, glad to see you have managed to get some action in, just updating our latest adventures