Saturday, 31 October 2009

RNLB Garside 47-026 31/10/2009

Yet again the forecast was not looking too promising and with no plan for a paddle as yet today I was soon spurred into action when I heard the familiar sound of the St David's Lifeboat's engines. When she came round the point and cruised into the bay, I donned my drysuit and paddled out in pursuit.
Luckily they were practising hauling the anchor so I soon caught up with the Garside. The Garside was donated to the RNLI by Thomas Garside and his sister Dorothy and allocated to St Davids in 1988.
Garside is a 47' long Tyne class steel hulled lifeboat powered by Twin 6 cylinder General Motors diesel engines each producing 425 hp with a maximum speed of 17 and a half knots with a range of 240 nautical miles.

I have a quick chat with the Coxswain who tells me to make the most of it as a possible Force 10 is on the way!

The Garside then speeds back into Ramsey Sound with me in hot pursuit around to St Justinian.

When I finally get to St Justinian the Garside has been joined by the ILB Myrtle and Trevor Gurr which is the second St David's ILB, replacing the first Dewi Sant in December 2008.

I watch them practice for a while and then paddle the short distance back to Porthsele before the wind rises too much.
It was good to see both boats so close in the water, it makes you realise what a fantastic job they do, lets hope I never need them to get any closer for any other reason!

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