Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Ramsey Sound Playtime 28/10/2009

The wind and sea conditions abated enough through the night for me to venture back out in the sea kayak. Although they had eased the forecast wasn't brilliant so once again there wasn't to be any paddling of any distance but I decided to have some fun in the Ramsey Sound tiderace.

It was only a small tide but there was still quite a swell running which would make things a bit more interesting. This soon became apparent on reaching Pen dal-ederyn at the southerly end of the Sound.

I paddle out into the main flow and let it take me back northward past the Bitches and into the eddy which takes me back southward into the calmer water behind the outermost Bitch (rock) from the Island.

After having a brief rest here I then make my way from rock to rock across the Bitches over towards Ramsey Island and again have another rest behind the Bitch nearest to the main wave where there are a group of Cormorants or Shags trying to get some shelter from the wind.

I have a bit of play in the water around the Bitches and then head back across and back out into the northerly flowing tiderace but instead of letting it take me back up through the Sound I ferry glide across to the mainland and then paddle southward back up to Pen dal-ederyn and then out into the tide flow again.

This time I stay in the main tiderace and let it take me northward up to St David's Head where I stop and take some photos of the sun trying to break through the cloud over Ramsey Island. I follow the coast around across Whitesands Bay and back over to Porthsele, a very exhilarating paddle and great practise of paddling in tideraces, great fun!

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