Thursday, 31 December 2009

The End Of A Decade 31/12/2009

Today's paddle would not be of any distance due to the strong northerly wind and the large spring tides, but it was good to end 2009 on the water.
Although not large waves they were quite steep and required a bit of effort to get out, almost getting airborne in the process!
Leaving Porthsele I paddled around Fisherman's Point and into the entrance of Ramsey Sound where the sea was a little lumpy. I played around for a while but didn't go too far as I didn't fancy the paddle back against the wind.

I decided to paddle across Whitesand's Bay and hopefully find some shelter from the wind on the St David's Head peninsula. I was joined for a moment by a biplane who didn't seem to have any problems with the wind, but I bet it was cold up there.
Passing Whitesand's Bay the sea conditions totally changed and I managed to finally get out of the cold northerly wind.

The conditions were ideal for exploring some of the caves around Porth Melgan whilst looking back towards Ramsey Island and the watery sun slowly setting for the last time of the decade.

Staying in the caves for a while I watched the colours on the cave walls change as dusk set in and it was soon time to paddle back to Porthsele and prepare for the evening's festivities.

A pleasurable few hours were spent sampling Sian and Alan's hospitality at Pencarnan farmhouse before retiring to Porthsele beach to welcome in the New Year with a large fire, a few pints of Guiness, sparklers and some great company.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

I saw the bi-plane a couple of times last year, it must be doing pleasure flights from somewhere. Would be a nice trip, would love to see the sound from the air!
I bet the drop back into the water off the back of that wave went with a bang.