Friday, 10 December 2010

Shipwrecks At Dusk 10-12-2010

As is often the case on my weekend trips down West I stop off at Solva on route for a quick paddle but today someone has pulled the plug!  

It was about half a mile walk before I found the sea this is where the trolley is worth it's weight in gold.
With the tide being so low I knew the wrecked tugs about a mile down the coast would be well exposed so I set off Westward passing some interesting rock formations on the way. 

The first wreck I reach is the most intact of the 3 wrecked tugs that were wrecked back in October 1981. The first picture above is a photo I took back in 1982 it certainly has taken a battering since. 

The tug has now split into 3 with just the bow, engine block and the stern remaining.

I paddle round into the next bay where the other 2 tugs were wrecked but there is not too much left of them just various pieces scattered everywhere.  

Paddling back to the first wreck it is now quite dark hence the not too good photos but at least I got a paddle in. Reaching Solva it is another long walk back with the kayak but at least it keeps me fit.

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