Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunset With A Splash Of Salt 25-03-2011

After too long a break from sea kayaking due to various reasons I was back at Pencarnan but conditions were not what I had expected. There was a brisk NE wind blowing very different to the windless conditions I had left a few hours ago in Cardiff.

 I paddled straight out from Porthsele encountering a bit of wind against tide around Carreg Gafeilliog.
Paddling out further into the main Southerly flowing ebb tide conditions calmed as wind was now with tide as I let it take me down to Gwahan.

 As is often the case at this state of the tide there was a little rough water at the NE corner of the small rock.
I let the tide take me into Bay Ogof Hen at the North of Ramsey where I take a look in a few of the caves.

Paddling out of the bay and into Ramsey Sound the sun was starting to drop, I might get a sunset tonight.

I was thinking of paddling down to the Bitches but I knew it would be a bit of a slog back up through the Sound against wind and tide, so I opted for a ferry glide back to the mainland.

Reaching the mainland I was slightly sheltered from the wind giving me the chance to take some photos of the setting sun.

At St John's Point I managed to tuck in behind a rock which the swell was breaking over creating a different sunset shot.

The sun finally disappeared into a bank of mist as I made my way back to Porthsele, I just hope the wind drops a bit overnight.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Nice splashy sunsets, thats a new take on an old theme.
Good to see you out.

Richard said...

It was good to get back on the water and with the added bonus of a sunset.
Hope it's not too long till you are back on it also.

stoney (Martyn) said...

Going over to Angelsey with a demo boat this friday.
Taking the Tahe Marine Reval Mini.
Got to give it a thorough test, weather looking settled, but could do with a bit of swell/surf/wind, to get a good feel for it.
If I like it, I will have to try and get funding together quickish, really missing it now!

Richard said...

Hope you have a great weekend the weather is looking pretty good.
shouldn't complain about the sea being too calm make the most of it remember what it was like down West at October half term!
Have a good one look forward to reading the write up.