Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Hazy Ramsey Island 27-03-2011

I left Porthsele on a hazy Sunday morning but with light winds and the tides perfect for a trip around Ramsey.

Reaching St John's Point Ramsey was just visible through the haze though the sun was doing it's best to force it's way through.

Reaching Pen Dal-aderyn and looking across at the Bitches the flood tide was running but the sea was calm, just right for the ferry glide across to the island.

It was an uneventful crossing and the sea remained calm as I paddled Southward towards Ynys Cantwr.
I keep my distance from the pebbled beach at Foel Fawr where there are a large group of seals hauled out on the beach.
The motif on the cliffs on Ynys Cantwr is clearly visible as I paddle past (Aliens or a freak or nature?)
I get up a nice turn of speed aided by the tide as I paddle through Twll y Dillyn and into Bay Dillyn.
Paddling around the headland of Trwynmynachdy I was going to have a look in the numerous caves but as soon as I paddled toward them I was acosted by two very large, stroppy Bull seals.  Passing the steep pebbled beach of Porth Lleuog I could see why I was being mobbed, they were on guard duty over the many sleeping seals on the beach.

The two not so friendly Bulls left me as soon as I paddled out of the bay.  Like Skomer yesterday, the cliffs on the West of Ramsey were deserted of nesting birds.

I paddled into the large beach of Abermawr expecting to see more seals but it was deathly quiet, no seals, no birds and no RIBs.

Paddling into the cave at the NW corner of Ramsey the highest point on Ramsey, Carnllundain was nicely framed although still a bit hazy.

Reaching Trwyn Ogof Hen at the NE of Ramsey I decided to paddle Southward down to the Bitches.

The flood tide was starting to ease off but there was still enough flow to cause a bit of turbulence.

I worked my way across the bitches out to the outermost rock just as the sun won it's battle with the haze.

I paddle out from the last Bitch and into the main tide race and enjoy an easy paddle back Northward through Ramsey Sound.

Arriving back at Porthsele there were 3 people on the beach, Summer is definately on it's way!!


Taran Tyla said...

Nice trip, How on earth do you take piccies in the lumpy stuff, I always keep both hands on the paddle soon as it gets interesting...

Stuart said...

Can I ask you where Horse Rock is in the sound, roughly? It's not on the OS or Admiralty charts.

Stuart said...

Hi Richard, Peter at Nells Point coast watch station wants to use one of your photo's in an exhibition they are doing do you want to email me and I'll send you the details:

Richard said...

Hi Taran, haven't really thought about it, maybe the Nordkapp isn't as unstable as some people say.

Hi Stuart, Horse Rock is roughly in the middle of the Sound on a line between the white farmhouse on Ramsey and the lifeboat station at St Justinian.
It should be marked on the charts as a horizontal line with 3 vertical lines through it.
On the flood tide it is usually a mass of standing waves so quite easy to spot and stay away from!
I will email regarding the photo, thanks for letting me know.