Sunday, 4 July 2010

The Calm After the Storm! 04/07/2010

As usual the shipping forecast was spot on and it got a bit wild through the night, but conditions had eased just enough (I hoped) to venture out for a paddle.

Porthsele was slightly sheltered from the wind but turning out of the bay and into Ramsey Sound I felt the full force of the SW gale.

I managed to make it to St John's Point but the wind got even stronger and also I had the tide race to contend with, so this was to be the extent of today's paddle!

Once I had managed to turn the kayak I now had wind and swell in my favour and progress was a lot easier!

Not ready to go back in yet I did a few circuits of surfing with wind and swell away from St John's Point, turn and then I paddle back into the wind towards St John's point and vice versa.

Not too much of the coastline paddled today but good practice of paddling in slightly breezy conditions!!


Stuart said...

Your mad! (no offence). I spent that morning at an indoor play centre with the kids in Haverfordwest because the weather was so rubbish. Brightened up in the afternoon though but still gusty.

Ian said...

Looks pretty bouncy! I'm impressed you managed to take photos - I'd have spent most of the time PLF'ing.....

all the best


stoney (Martyn) said...

I know how you felt with that wind, hope its not like this next week!
Hope to see you there

soundoftheseagull said...

Guru we are not worthy must agree feckin mad well done very impressed

Richard said...

Thanks for all the comments, quite taken aback, thanks again.