Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Calm before the Storm! 03/07/2010

With the prospect of a Force 8 gale later I wouldn't be paddling too far today. Paddling out of Porthsele I paddled across Whitesand's Bay and explored a few of the caves of the St David's Head Peninsular.
The wind was starting to pick up and with it came the occasional largish sets of waves, which provided a good photo opportunity as I paddled into Porth Melgan.
Reaching St David's Head, as usual, the conditions were a little lumpy but I decided to carry on paddling around the headland.
Although the sea calmed considerably I was making very slow progress against the ebbing tide so I paddled out a couple of hundred yards and let the tide take me back towards Ramsey.
As I let the tide do the work I was joined by Manx Shearwaters and the odd Guillemot on their way back to Skomer.
As I approached Gwahan the tide flow increased but breaking out of the race I could shelter in the calmer water by the rock.
As usual on the ebb tide there are small standing waves at the NE corner of the small rock outcrop, time for a play.
After about half an hour playing about in the standing waves I ferry glided back to the mainland passed by the occasional Manx Shearwater, and wait and see whether the shipping forecast was right.

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