Friday, 23 July 2010

Day 1....How Far To Go? 23/07/2010

With Tracy and the boys visting the outlaws and with the forecast not too bad it seemed ideal for a few days paddling. So Friday morning with tent and provisions in the Nordkapp I left Porthsele and let the ebbing tide take me South.

I was originally going to paddle along the West side of Ramsey but South Bishop looked so inviting, so altering course I headed for North Bishop and began the ferry glide out to Carreg Rhoson.
I was soon out at the group of rocks that make up Carreg Rhoson with South Bishop nicely framed in the central gap between the rocks.

It was now a case of letting the tide take me down to the lighthouse, passing through a few areas of overfalls on the way.

I was soon at the small isolated rock and this time the water around the island was a lot calmer than my last visit.
Pulling in by the small landing jetty/steps I look back at North Bishop, the 2 Clerks rocks of Carreg Rhoson and Daufraich, St David's Head and Ramsey Island.

I didn't stay for too long at South Bishop as I was a little behind schedule due to my slight detour and I wanted to be South of Skomer before the North flowing flood tide became too strong.
The paddle across St Brides Bay was quite uneventful except for seeing Ramsey Island from a different angle and a small helicopter transporting materials out to South Bishop.
After almost 2 hours of paddling I was approaching the West side of Skomer passed by the Dale Princess on a sightseeing trip around the island.

Passing first Skomer Head, then the Wick and finally the Mew Stone without any problems I paddle into the shelter of South Haven.
As I paddle into South Haven I was surprised by the lack of Puffins, only large quantities of Gulls, had they already left?
They hadn't left as I paddled further into South Haven there were large rafts of Puffins near the cliffs, probably trying to steer clear of the gulls.
After stopping in South Haven for about 30 minutes I paddle on and head Eastward back to the mainland.
I decide to carry on Southward and camp on one of the small beaches near Dale in Milford Haven. After passing Gateholm Island I paddle straight to St Ann's Head thinking I will have a closer look on my return tomorrow, if only I had known what tomorrow would have in store!
After just over an hour of paddling I am approaching the buildings before the lighthouse, the sea state seems ok as it can get a bit lumpy around here on occasions.
The lighthouse at St Ann's Head had it's first tower built in 1714 with the present tower being built in 1841.
I paddle across Mill Bay where Henry Tudor landed in 1485 prior to becoming Henry VII after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field. I carry on past West Blockhouse Point with it's Victorian fort and the 3 modern navigation towers.
Paddling across Watwick Bay and around Watwick Point with it's 160' high navigation tower I decide to pitch the tent on the wooded Castlebeach Bay.
I set up the tent at the top of the beach next to a chair like creation, I hope it's not some sort of sacrificial altar or something along those lines!
I soon settle in after today's paddle of nearly 23 nautical miles (approx 42kms or 26 miles) and enjoy the view into Milford Haven especially when lit up at dark.

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eurion said...

Nice trip! Those towers sure look weird amongst the natural rock formations.