Tuesday, 30 December 2008

A Perfect Winter's Day 30/12/2008

Taking an early morning walk down to Porthsele I was quite surprised to see the sand above the high water mark to be encrusted with a very heavy frost.

There was a sea bird which I think was a Black Headed Gull, I know he hasn't got a black head but apparently they lose that in the winter. I don't know what he was up to as it seemed a bit cold to be taking a bath! He wasn't there later when I went out for my paddle so I take it he was ok.

The conditions were absolutely perfect although cold once I got paddling I was lovely and warm, the drysuit proving it was worth every penny.

I padddled towards Whitesands across a glassy flat sea and over the remains of the Steam Paddle Tug the Guiding Star which was beached and wrecked here in 1885 after becoming badly holed after hitting Horse Rock in Ramsey Sound.

Proceeding along St David's Head I paddled past the sheltered beach of Porth Melgan. On rounding St David's Head the flat conditions continued.

On the previous occasions that I have been round the Head this year they have been challenging paddles with large confused swells but today it was flat with just a bit of adverse tide flow to contend with.
I paddled for about a mile and then decided to turn around as the sun was already starting to get quite low in the sky and I wanted to try and get back before it got dark.

It was an effortless paddle back with the tide aiding my progress, passing a fishing boat who probably can't believe the conditions either I don't think we have had many better days all year!

After rounding the head I decided to paddle across to Carreg Gafeilliog instead of straight back into Porthsele with the hope of seeing a sunset, but as has happend on many times this year the sun disappeared into a bank of misty cloud, still you can't have everything.

With the light fading fast the temperature began to drop, it is going to be another cold night but if the sea stays the same who cares!

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