Sunday, 10 February 2008

Fantastic February Morning - 10/02/08

Started out from Penarth lifeboat slip as the sun rose around 7.50am! Worth it just for the view of a perfect calm morning overlooking the Bristol Channel. Headed northeast towards Cardiff Bay barrage but already encountered a bit of an adverse tidal flow, probably useful to invest in tidal stream atlas for more information in the future. Just getting into a nice paddling rhythm when rudely interrupted by the cleaning crew!
Dredger in action!

Whilst waiting for the dredger to pass, amused myself with some amateur photography!

Dredger disappeared into the barrage so carried on and followed the foreshore with, what is left of, Cardiff docks in the background. Passed the docks, passed the new mill in the steel works, and eventually arrived at the mouth of the River Rhymney. Even though the tide was on the ebb, I could easily paddle up the river to the railway bridge thanks to the spring tide, which is approx. 1 mile up river.

On checking my newly acquired Garmin GPS I note that I had paddled exactly 6 miles to this point at a maximum speed of 4.8mph with an average speed of 2.7mph, with the tide in my favour my return journey should be a bit more effortless. On the way back, managed to get a closer view of one of the most desres areas of Cardiff, Rover Way Caravan Site!

Got back to Penarth approx. 11.20am. Made much better progress on return journey reaching up to a maximum speed of 7.6mph with an average of 3.5mph. Not quite the best scenery I've seen but definately worth the effort!

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