Friday, 1 August 2008

7 Metre Tide 01/08/2008

Arriving at a much busier Pencarnan than when I left less than a fortnight ago, my paddling options were limited. It was quite windy and with there being 7 metre spring tides, Ramsey Sound would be flowing at a fair old speed.

Headland of Penrhyn Dalar

Looking out into Ramsey Sound

I paddled out from Porthsele and round to St John's Point and then to the next point along Penrhyn Dalar. Here the north flowing ebb tide runs very close to the cliffs with a bit of slack water in the small cove between the two headlands.

St John's Point

Penrhyn Dalar

Sheltering in the slack water by Penrhyn Dalar I paddled straight out into the main tide flow and let it take me out to Carreg Gafeilliog where large overfalls, as usual, were forming.

Approaching the overfalls at Carreg Gafeilliog

I could then break out of the tide flow and into the slack water at the NE side of Carreg Gafeilliog. With a paddle back to Penrhyn Dalar I could do a circuit which I did several times.

In the overfalls at Carreg Gafeilliog

Also from Carreg Gafeilliog I could paddle southwards against the flow and using the standing waves could surf them, actually making progress against the fast flowing tide.

Heading southwards against the tide

This was only a short paddle but really good practice of paddling in fast flowing tide streams and the rough water of overfalls, great fun.

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