Sunday, 14 June 2009

South West Sea Kayak Meet - Day 3 14/06/2009

When I first awoke everything was still shrouded in the by now all too familiar mist but as the morning progressed it gradually lifted and by the time we launched at Thurlestone there was hardly a cloud in the sky which made a very welcome change.

Paddling out past Thurlestone Rock, the large natural arch which appears to have just been plonked in the middle of the bay, we paddle towards the Bolt Tail.

We pass the two sheltered beaches at Hope Cove with the two villages of Outer Hope and Inner Hope above them and soon reach the large headland of Bolt Tail.

A little further round from Bolt Tail there is a huge cave which Eurion wastes no time in exploring in the composite P&H Cetus demo boat, disturbing a seal in the process. The cave went back a long way and got a little interesting with 3 of us at the back of the cave when a set of larger than usual waves rolled into the cave, still it cleared our heads of any remnants of last night's excesses of the Pig's Nose!

The next two miles of coastline are composed of high cliffs with few places to land until we reach Soar Mill Cove.

With a bit of surf coming into the beach and not everyone in the group too happy about landing we eat our refreshments in our boats before setting off on the paddle back to Thurlestone.
Reaching Bolt Tail there is a bit of swell picking up which Heather and Eurion enjoy playing about in.

It is only a short a short paddle back to Thurlestone Rock and the beach. A paddle of 8.25 nautical miles in sunshine and blue skies, a perfect way to finish a great weekend.
Once again a big thank you to Mark for organising everything and roll on next year.

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