Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wrong Decision 26/08/2010

With today being the first day of just over a week's holiday with the family, I was keen to get on the water, but with the already strong wind forecast to increase I wasn't sure whether to paddle the Nordkapp or the Dagger Juice.
As soon as I got to the water's edge with the Nordkapp and saw Chris having great fun on his surf ski I knew I had made the wrong decision.
With not too many options because of the wind and tidal direction I paddled out to the jagged rock outcrop of Carreg Gafeilliog where hopefully I could get some shelter in the numerous channels between the rocks.

It was quite like paddling in a maze and after a few wrong turns I was paddling back out from the shelter into the wind again.
There were small standing waves starting to form on the one edge of the rocks so at least I was going to have a bit of a surf even if it was in my sea kayak.

While I was playing in the overfalls the wind increased and it was a bit of a slog paddling back to Porthsele into the wind. No distance covered but at least I am finally here on a holiday although the forecast for the next few days is not too good, British summer hey!

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