Friday, 20 August 2010

Surfing The Juice 20-08-2010

Arriving back at Pencarnan late afternoon there were some reasonable sized waves rolling in at Porthsele, I didn't waste any time in getting changed and paddling out in the Dagger Juice a great way to start the weekend.
The waves wouldn't have been too good for the surf kayak but the Juice was great fun and no need to worry about any rocks below.
A good couple of hours were spent playing about in the surf, I am really pleased with the Juice it turns really quickly and is easy to loop forwards and backwards, lets hope the rest of the weekend is as much fun.


eurion said...

Yeee Haaa! That looked like some fun.

Richard said...

It sure was great fun Eurion. I am really pleased with the Dagger Juice a cracking little boat.