Saturday, 28 August 2010

Some Not So Grumpy Seals 28/08/2010

After messing about in the surf yesterday in the Dagger Juice, today I was back in the Nordkapp. The wind was still quite strong so I ferry glide across the southerly flowing ebb tide out to Gwahan, the small rock to the north of Ramsey Island.

As usual on the ebbing tide there are some standing waves at the NE corner of Gwahan which are always great fun to have a play about in.

After a while, instead of breaking out of the tide race I let it carry me southward into Bay Ogof Hen. I was going to explore some of the caves but there are sounds of seals coming from them so I keep my distance.
Whilst contemplating my next move and having a munch on my chocolate covered Kendal Mint Cake (highly recommended), Tim of Venture Jet speeds by.

I decide not to carry on down the west side of Ramsey but paddle around Trwyn Ogof Hen and back into Ramsey Sound where at the entrance of Ogof Hen the decision I have taken proves to be correct as I am joined by two inquisitive seals.

After my encounter with the rather feisty large Bull Seal on the weekend I keep my distance but they are not at all bothered and swim very close to the kayak.

As I was watching the two seals I notice another seal hauled out on a rock in Ogof Hen who again doesn't seem too bothered about me.
I think the seal on the rock is one of this year's pups probably quite a few weeks old, keeping my distance hence the not brilliant picture quality as the camera was zoomed right out I just sit and watch them.

I shoot a short video of a touching moment between maybe the mother and the pup again the quality isn't too good as I am still quite a distance away from them both.

With the incoming tide fast approaching the young seal on the rock I say my goodbyes and paddle southward toward the Bitches which are very exposed due to the large spring tides.

Not sure how fast the tide is flowing I cross Ramsey Sound well before reaching the Bitches. As it happens I lose very little ground on my ferry glide across the Sound with only slight turbulence around Horse Rock.

There is a little chop at St John's Point but it is an easy paddle back to Porthsele, glad that I decided not to paddle around Ramsey as I would have missed out on my encounter with some slightly friendlier seals than last weekend.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

I reckon they could be the same two seals we encountered at the begining of August, they had a good nosey around us as well.