Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Leisurely Sunday Morning Paddle 22/03/2009

With it being Mother's Day I didn't want to take the proverbial, so it was a quick paddle before I headed back.
I paddled north westerly until I reached the main tidal flow, although today it was quite sedate. Whilst letting the tide take me in a south west direction it was ideal to take photos. The first is looking back at St David's Head and the second looking down Ramsey Sound and Ramsey Island.

Like Friday evening I paddled with the tide down to Gwahan where the tide is a little stronger causing a bit of rougher water to play about in.

I decided to let the tide take me into Ramsey Sound taking the above photo of the north side of Ramsey Island. Letting the tide do the work I again experiment with different camera angles.

With very little effort I paddle over to the disturbed water around Horse Rock which today is quite placid. The rock is not visible but the brown kelp on the rock is just visible under the surface swirling around in the current.
I then ferry glide across to St Justinian where, just as I am paddling off, a Ramsey Island boat trip returns dropping off some punters with another group waiting on the slipway, summer is definately on the way.
I now follow the coast back around to Porthsele through some small overfalls by Carreg Gafeilliog.

A nice leisurely paddle to end a great weekend of paddling, lets hope this is a sign of things to come.

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