Friday, 20 March 2009

Ramsey Island Sunset 20/03/2009

Arriving back at Pencarnan late afternoon the conditions were ideal for an early evening paddle, with even the chance of a sunset.

The beach at Porthsele had changed a bit since I was last here with a lot more sand on the it and now a gradual slope.

I paddled towards Whitesands Bay with hardly a ripple on the sea, following the coast around into Porth Melgan and out to St David's Head.

The sun was just starting to disappear behind the head and taking inspiration from the latest cover of Ocean Paddler magazine I experiment with my camera.

I paddled a little way past the Head and then let what little tide flow there was carry me down to the small rock of Gwahan, watching the sun gradually getting lower in the clear blue sky.
Passing Gwahan I then headed to Trwyn Ogof Hen, the NE tip of Ramsey Island, where I stopped for a while taking photos as the sun disappeared behind Carreg Rhoson.
It was then a leisurely paddle across a flat calm Ramsey Sound passing the jagged rocks of Carreg Gafeilliog and back to Porthsele just as the last of the daylight fades.
A perfect way to hopefully start a weekend of great paddling.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

What an amazing place, I never get t ired of those veiws! - Martyn