Friday, 11 September 2009

Swan Lake 11/09/2009

With it being my eldest son's 9th birthday weekend we got off to a good start by going for an evening paddle on Cosmeston Lake.

Cosmeston Lake is situated just outside Cardiff between Penarth and Sully. As members of Cardiff Canoe Club we are allowed to use it on Thursday and Friday evenings. We haven't used it as much as we would have liked due to work and the weather but today was ideal.

Cosmeston was once a limestone quarry which when quarrying ended in 1970 quickly flooded and formed the lake which is an ideal place for Bobby to practise his paddling skills.

The lake is now a haven for much birdlife including numerous swans which are surprisingly tame probably as they are used to the presence of people and the numerous loaves of bread that are thrown to them.

After a few circuits of the lake we called it a day as the sun set over the trees and the lake ending a perfect evening's paddle and beginning Bobby's Birthday weekend.

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