Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ramsey Island - Seals Young & Old 29/08/2009

With the wind finally easing and the sea calming down quite considerably, I was back in the sea kayak after yesterday's surfing session.
Although the sea had calmed down a lot there was still quite a large swell which I was able to use to help me around Penrhyn Dalar against the increasing flood tide.

Reaching Pen Dal-aderyn, the southern tip of the Ramsey Sound mainland, the conditions weren't too bad and I didn't lose too much ground as I made the crossing against the tidal flow over to Ramsey Island and shelter from the constant SW wind.

Even though I was sheltered from the wind, there was still quite a swell especially by the arch at Penrhyn Twll. Paddling past the steep pebbled beach there were a number of seals hauled out, I think they were mostly bulls hence it is sometimes known as the Batchelor Beach.

As usual I am followed closely behind by a couple of the bulls constantly splashing and snorting making sure I am aware of their presence.

Coming in the other direction is a large sailing boat obviously making use of the strong wind and the north flowing flood tide.

Reaching Twyll y Dillyn I felt the full force of the wind again and seeing one of the boat trip RIBs turning round and coming back I decided it wasn't a wise move to continue on any further.

Even though I have paddled here on many occasions, the ruggedness and beauty of the coastline on the island still takes my breath away as I paddle back northwards towards the Bitches.

There are a few pups already on the sheltered beaches, keeping my distance though I wave to Tim of Venture Jet as he speeds by.

I don't paddle through the Bitches but through the narrow gap between the mainland and the Bitches and through the arch and into the calmer water near the landing jetty.

Whilst having a drink and a rest I watch another sailing boat making good progress through the Sound and a boat trip RIB speeding through the turbulent water of the Bitches.

There are 2 very healthy looking seal pups on the small beach by the jetty. I am soon joined by a very large bull, I have seen him quite often over the years, he has the biggest head I have seen on a bull seal and reminds me of the Sontarans from Dr Who which I am often forced to watch by my sons Bobby and Harry. He follows me for a short while but is far more interested in having his evil way with the mothers of the pups!

I paddle northwards along the island passing the first sailing boat I saw earlier which is now anchored in the calm water of Rhod Isaf. I then paddle out into the Sound taking a last look back southward passing a young gull who didn't seem too bothered about me.

Whilst crossing the Sound,a Fulmar constantly circles around me gliding effortlessly just above the sea, I am quite pleased with the photos from my new Pentax Optio W80 as they fly at quite a speed.

I pass quite close to the turbulent water around Horse Rock which even though the tide is easing off is still quite confused.
I then let the tide take me down to St John's point where again the water is a little choppy.

It is then a short paddle back to Porthsele where, hopefully, the weather will continue to improve.

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