Thursday, 27 August 2009

A Blustery Day! 27/08/2009

With the weather again taking a turn for the worst, and with rumours that the remnants of hurricane Bill were on its way I wasn't going to be paddling far again today!

Porthsele was sheltered from the brunt of the wind so I was able to play around in the surf even though the waves were dumping a bit, so it was a matter of getting off before they broke.

I stayed for a while playing in the surf which was getting more congested by the minute with body boarders etc. I paddled off around Fisherman's point towards St John's point. The nearer I got to St John's point the wind increased, and on rounding St John's it was like hitting a brick wall, with both tide and wind against me.

After struggling for a while I gave in and practiced my boat handling skills in the slightly less windy conditions between St John's and Fisherman's point.

I then returned to Porthsele hoping that the rumours of the forthcoming storm were not true.

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