Friday, 28 August 2009

Hurricane Bill 28/08/2009

All the rumours from yesterday appeared to be true as the weather again took a turn for the worse through the night with winds up to force 8, as a result the sea picked up considerably.
I don't know if it was the remnants of Hurricane Bill that had come across the Atlantic or not but the sea state was pretty impressive.
Whitesands was totally blown out with the waves breaking a few hundred yards out so I decided to give Porthsele a go, it was a bit more sheltered but with some large waves coming through.
They weren't ideal waves with most closing out quickly but they were very powerful with plenty of impressive wipe outs which proved quite popular with the holidaymakers on the beach.
After a cracked deck on the surf kayak and the feeling that I had been through a washing machine a few times I had a great time.
Here are a few photos of my 27 year old Palm Ultimate Surf Kayak which I promised to Corgimas (Rob).

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