Sunday, 16 August 2009

Great To Be Back 16/08/2009

After an absence of nearly 2 and a half months it was good to be back at Pencarnan even if it was only for a day.

Leaving the shelter of Porthsele the quite strong southwesterly breeze was chopping the sea up a little as I approached St John's Point but not enough to slow my progress.

St Justinian was pretty crowded with the RIBs queuing up to drop off and pick up passengers for the trips around Ramsey Island.

On reaching the southern most tip of the Ramsey Sound mainland the tide is running quickly and the wind is whipping the sea up nicely as I paddle out into the main tidal flow and let it take me down and across to the Bitches.

At the outermost rock of the Bitches from the island I can rest in the calmer water and look back at what I had just crossed, great fun!

I now paddle over to Ramsey across the Bitches being turned one way then the other by the whirling currents over to the sheltered water behind another of the rocks where again I can look back to where I have come from. The tides are only neaps at the moment but still pretty impressive.

After a bit of a play in the white water it is back across the Bitches and out into the main tidal stream.

Instead of letting the tide take me down through Ramsey Sound I am having such a great time I break out of the current and ferry glide back to the mainland to do it all again.

This time I don't cross over to the Bitches but stay in the main current and let it take me northwards through the Sound.

At first it is quite bumpy with numerous standing breaking waves but the further I paddle north the calmer the water gets but I am still travelling at 6 knots with ease.

I paddle around the rocky reef of Carreg Gafeilliog where there are more standing waves to surf on.

It is then a short paddle back into Porthsele after a quite exhilarating trip through Ramsey Sound covering a distance of 6.5 nautical miles (7.25 miles or 11.5 kms) with a top speed of 9.5 knots.

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