Tuesday, 25 August 2009

An Ocean Sunfish 25/08/2008

With the wind much the same as yesterday there was to be no paddling of any distance again.
I paddled out of Porthsele and along a very congested Whitesands Bay with the occasional decent wave rolling in.

Paddling out to St David's Head the sea conditions weren't too bad with the chance to experiment with the camera.
On rounding the head the sea livened up considerably and the tide was flowing southward at quite a rate. It would have been quite a struggle to paddle any further so I took the easy option and go with the flow as it were southwards to Ramsey Island.

I made good progress even against the strong wind and nearing Gwahan I spotted what at first I thought was a seal swimming on the surface ahead of me, but on catching it up, it was a sunfish. They apparently grow to, on average, 6ft long, but this one was about 4ft in diameter.

It seemed quite cumbersome as it was tossed about on the surface by the choppy conditions, but as it swam under the kayak it very quickly disappeared down into the depths.
I stayed around for a while but it did not reappear, obviously looking for it's diet of jellyfish in the calmer water below. It's sad to think that many of these amazing fish fall foul to plastic bags mistaken for jellyfish.

I soon reached the shelter at the north end of Ramsey where I stop for a quick chat with Tim of Venture Jet who seems pretty busy.

He speeds off and I spend a bit of time playing in the overfalls at Trwyn Ogof Hen where another of the Island boat trip RIB's speeds by.

I then paddle with the tide through Ramsey Sound down to Carn ar Wig where the increasing southerly wind aids my progress northwards back through the Sound and back to Porthsele.

Only a short paddle again but great to see the amazing sunfish even though the sea conditions weren't ideal for taking photos.

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