Sunday, 25 May 2008

A Day of Varying Conditions 25/05/2008

Conditions much the same as yesterday, if anything the wind was stronger today than Saturday. I paddled out from Porthsele again without any clue as to what I was going to do. There was a large swell coming straight in caused by the North Easterly wind as you can see below.

The wind nearly took my paddle whilst taking this picture! (Don't worry dad I've got a spare!!). After this little incident I decided to head into Ramsey Sound and hopefully, for a change, more sheltered waters.

On rounding St John's point it went from one extreme to another, the Sound was flat calm aided by the tide being in the same direction as the wind. I used the last remnants of the Southerly flowing ebb tide to take me down to Penmaen Melyn. I looked over at the Bitches and they seemed quite tame so I paddled across.

There was still a small amount of tide flow so I played about in the white water for a while before taking the photo below looking through the Bitches towards St Davids Head.

Next I paddled through the channel between the Bitches and the small bay of Aberfelin, and through the arch to the North side of the Bitches. The wind was being funnelled through the arch and I had to put a little sprint on to get through.

After a short break out of the wind in the Island's harbour I paddled Northwards along the East side of Ramsey Island where the conditions started to liven up a bit. On reaching Trwyn Ogof Hen I met the swell that I had earlier left behind.

I then carried on across Ramsey Sound back over to St John's point where, by now, the flood tide had started to flow and with it being against the wind, large standing waves were starting to form. Now the fun begins.

I paddled in the tide flow towards Carreg-gafeiliog where large overfalls had now formed. Here I reached a top speed of 10 knots (approx 18.5kmh). This got the old ticker working overtime. I didn't risk taking any photos at this point due to my earlier mishap with the paddle.

I then had quite a hard paddle back to Porthsele through very confused water. Once again only a short paddle of 5.25 nautical miles (approx 9.75 km) but quite exhilarating.

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