Saturday, 29 May 2010

Exploring Shipwrecks 29/05/2010

With the wind picking up considerably through the night and the day's forecast not looking too favourable, it seemed an ideal day to take the boys to the remains of the 3 Tugs wrecked near Solva in October 1981.

I have paddled here many times since they were wrecked, with my first visit in 1982 in my old 13' general purpose McNulty Harrier, above are some photos taken on that trip. The ravishes of the sea have taken their toll since.

Bobby and Harry loved clambering all over what remains of the tugs eagerly looking for any salvage, they had their eyes on the propeller but they couldn't budge it!
The engine block is about the only bit of this tug that hasn't changed too much with the rest of the ship having been corroded away over the years.
The most intact of the 3 tugs is in the adjacent bay but it was too difficult of a climb for the boys and also most of the wreckage is in the water.
After a bit more exploring the tide was starting to come back in so we made our way back up the long climb to the top of the cliff where Bobby and Harry posed with their items of salvage.
We walked around to the next bay to look down on the most intact of the wrecks and then made our way back to Pencarnan.

I was going to go for a paddle but we were way laid by Adrian and Helen and a slight altercation with a certain Captain Morgan and a Sailor Jerry along with some ginger beer and some lime!

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