Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ramsey Island 30/05/2010

I left Porthsele and paddled through the centre of Ramsey Sound and down to the Bitches using the last hour or so of the southerly flowing ebb tide.
The Bitches were in the final stages of their southerly flow until the small period of slack water before it starts flowing the other way.
The conditions were near perfect as I paddled south along the south eastern cliffs of Ramsey.
I paddle into one of the caves which didn't have too much headroom but once I was inside it opened up into a larger chamber with two other exits out of it, though the one opened onto a small cove.
Passing the arch at Penrhyn Twll I paddle into another cave which also has another exit but this one is in the roof of the cave, so no way out there.
Paddling into Bay Dillyn the swell picks up as is pretty usual by here but the tide is in my favour so it is an easy paddle and also a chance to cool off as I get slightly wet for the first time today.
Leaving Bay Dillyn and rounding Trwynmynachdy the swell picks up a bit, probably best I don't go through the small gap between the rock and the cliff, what do you reckon Martin.
Paddling across Porth Lleuog with it's numerous caves and holes there are large patches of foam which seem to stick to everything, they must be the remnants of yesterday's high wind and surf.
I keep my distance from the high cliffs as I paddle northward along the west coast of Ramsey to avoid the quite frequent large waves and any resulting clapotis.
Paddling into the large bay of Abermawr the conditions calm considerably and glancing up at Carnysgubor I catch a glimpse of a deer silhouetted on the skyline. Although there is a herd of Red Deer on the island I have never seen any before so today is a first.
As I paddle around the north of Ramsey and back into Ramsey Sound I decide to do a complete trip around Ramsey by paddling back down to the Bitches. Paddling past Ogof Velvet I notice two birds of prey on the cliffs above. Approaching closer I see they are both Peregrine Falcons, the photos aren't up to much as I had to zoom right in, but I am seeing plenty of wildlife today.
I paddle towards Rhod Uchaf where the yellow flowers of the gorse are in bloom and as I paddle to the cave entrance that pierces the headland I am hopeful that the tide is the right level to paddle through.
The tide is just right and there is no swell so I can take a shortcut through the headland and paddle into the next bay of Rhod Isaf.
Reaching the Bitches the north flowing flood tide is starting to pick up pace as it is forced through the narrow channel and arch by the landing jetty on the island.
Working my way across to the first rock I stop in the calm water, there is already quite a difference in the water level above and below the Bitches. The rock in the second picture is the same rock which I have photographed on 28/05/2010 when it was submerged.
I now let the tide take me back northward up through Ramsey Sound where the tide race is starting to build up nicely.
As I paddle through the Sound the conditions vary from flat calm areas to some areas of standing waves which round off a very enjoyable paddle of just over 9 nautical miles (17km).


stoney (Martyn) said...

Ha ha!
I'll get through there one day! I have found my little incedent has made me a little cautious now when going through the gaps.
Will be down there shortly, 31st July for two weeks, if not before (work permitting)

Stuart said...

Those last couple of images of the waves coming at you really give the felling of being there. The thought of being in Ramsey sound whith any sort of waves scares the life out of me. My tumble has really dented my confidence. Good to see you back on the water!