Saturday, 29 March 2008

Another windy day 29/03/2008

Inshore shipping forecast SW 5-7 backing S 7 to severe gale 9 veering W 4 or 5 later. Today I managed to get to St John's point! It was a bit easier to get there as the wind had changed direction.

I launched from Porthsele during a severe downpour so was already soaked before I even hit the surf. With the wind coming from the SW the stretch between Fisherman's and St John's point was relatively sheltered, but once I hit St John's I got the full front of the gale and there was no going forward from here on.

On returning to Porthsele, quite large surf had built up and due to strong cross offshore winds, landing was a bit precarious. I had to be particularly careful as a lot of sand has been taken from the beach by the recent stormy conditions and there was only a narrow channel of sand in between some very jagged rocks.

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