Monday, 14 April 2008

Not such a good day....14/04/2008

Another windy day and with the wind coming from the north it was also very cold. Last day here today so decided to paddle to over to Whitesands and out to St David's head, to hopefully escape the northerly wind.

When taking photos I usually drop my skeg to help keep the boat still, unfortunately shortly after taking this picture my skeg cable jammed, (bad luck number one!).

After rounding Trwynhwrddyn, more commonly known as the Ram's nose or the saddleback, I entered Porth Lleuog which is a small isolated beach with high cliffs and numerous inlets and caves.

One of the numerous inlets between Porth Lleuog and Porthmelgan that is only accessible by the sea and as a result seal pups are often born here.

Entrance to cave near Porthmelgan

Inside cave

Looking out of the cave

On leaving the cave it is only a short paddle to a small headland and round into Porthmelgan.

Shortly after taking the photo above bad luck number two struck, my camera packed in! Paddled on to St David's head and as bad luck usually comes in threes thought I better cut my losses and head back for Porthsele!

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