Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A Window in the Weather....At Last! 29/10/2008

Today's inshore shipping forecast....NW4 or 5 backing S or SE 6 to gale 8 later. I decided to get on the water sooner rather than later.

Leaving Porthsele I paddled across Whitesands Bay and out to Porth Melgan, the small beach half way along St David's Head. It was relatively sheltered until reaching Porth Melgan where the NW wind was funnelled down the small valley out into the sea.

Carrying out along the headland I was again sheltered until paddling just past St David's Head where I hit the NW wind and the southerly flowing ebb tide.

Toying with the idea of carrying on around the head I decided to take the easy option and paddle south towards Ramsey Island with tide and wind in my favour. I made fast progress reaching a top speed of just over 7 knots with very little effort soon reaching the southern end of Ramsey Sound.

Southern end of the Sound looking Northwards

Deciding not to carry on any further southward I paddled across to the sheltered waters of St justinian and back along the coast to St John's Point where again it was a paddle against the wind back into Porthsele.

Another short paddle of 6 nautical miles (approximately 5.25 miles or 8.5km) but good to get back on the water after a few days off.

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