Friday, 17 April 2009

A Hazy April Evening 17/04/2009

Arriving back down West after a few days back in work I had Bobby on the case as soon as I turned the engine off! This was his third day that he hadn't been in his kayak!

So after a few warm up exercises he was back on the water.

After nearly an hour exploring the bay, Bobby started to get tired so once I paddled back into Porthsele with him I went out for a quick early evening paddle.

Paddling out and around St David's Head I then paddled out north eastward away from the mainland and let the southerly flowing ebb tide take me down to Gwahan.

I stopped a few times to take photo's of the NE facing cliffs of St David's Head, Ramsey Island and a very hazy watery sun, with North Bishop just visible on the horizon.

As usual as soon as I put the camera away and started paddling again a couple of porpoises broke the surface a few times and then disappeared as soon as I got the camera back out!

Before I knew it I was at Gwahan where I took a few more photos of the weak setting sun and South Bishop lighthouse in the haze.

It was then a leisurely paddle back to Porthsele where the watery sun was just disappearing into the misty clouds.

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