Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Lifeboat Rescue, Paddling Practice & A Sunset 12/04/2009

Today was the first time that the swell had dropped enough for my eldest son Bobby to venture out in his Dagger Dynamo after a couple of days of him chomping at the bit!

Almost as soon as he paddled out past what waves there were both St David's lifeboats came around the point and headed into Whitesands. Apologies for the black and white photos but I was experimenting with the camera and left it on the wrong setting! Arty...apparently!

Anyway whilst on training, the inshore lifeboat noticed 4 kayakers struggling against the tide on the west side of Ramsey. Calling out the all weather lifeboat, they brought the kayakers back to Whitesands, I'm sure that is cheating, but they got a free ride in a shiny lifeboat! Click here and scroll down to 12th April for full story.

After all the excitement had ended we noticed the Mottishaw and Richardson clans returning from their picnic expedition so Bobby and I paddled over to meet them. They all look as if they had a great day, even Oscar the dog looked remarkably fit considering the distance he had paddled!
Bobby and I stayed out for a little while, he declined the offer to join me for a paddle round the corner into Ramsey Sound, maybe tomorrow!

After ensuring Bobby got safely ashore I went on my way staying close to the cliffs to stay out of the adverse tide as best as I could.

I passed St Justinian where the two St David's Lifeboats were tucked away in their boat houses. Reaching Pen dal edeyrn, the southerly most point of the mainland Ramsey Sound coastline, I paddled out into the main tidal flow expecting to be taken past the Bitches, but I managed to cross the tide stream and into the more sedate water near Ramsey Island.

I paddle down as far as Penrhyn Twll where a Shag was perched on the rocks surveying the sea. I decided not to carry on any further southward but to turn around and head back up to the Bitches.

I stop and have a play about on the Bitches dodging the numerous Ramsey Island boat trip RIBs.

With time getting on I head off northwards letting the tide do the work taking numerous pictures on the way of the sun setting behind North Bishop and Carreg Rhoson.

Only a short paddle of 6.25 nautical miles (just over 7 miles or 11.25 km) achieving a top speed of 9.5 knots.

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