Monday, 13 July 2009

A Birthday Paddle 13/07/2009

With it being my 21st birthday yet again and the wind increasing through the night and forecast set to increase even more, my birthday paddling options were limited, unlike this time last year....

I launched from a sheltered but deserted Martin's Haven, as yet again the boat trips to Skomer were cancelled due to the high winds. I paddled the short distance to Wooltack Point in the shelter of the North facing cliffs.

On rounding Wooltack Point I was hit by the full force of the ever increasing South Westerly gale and with the tide against me as well it was a real struggle just to paddle the short distance to Tusker Rock.

It was obvious I wasn't going to be able to paddle much further so I just played around in the rough water between Tusker Rock and Wooltack Point, great fun and also good practice.

After spending a very pleasurable but tiring 45 minutes playing about I paddled the short distance back to Martin's Haven accompanied by numerous Gannets and Porpoise, but as usual, the Porpoise were more concerned with feeding than posing for the camera, and taking photos of the Gannets was a bit precarious due to the high wind, so no decent close ups there either.

It was then a matter of trying to pack the tent up between the numerous very heavy showers of rain and then drive back to Cardiff not knowing when I would next be paddling due to work commitments, but at least I managed some decent paddles over the weekend considering the weather.

I stopped in nearby Marloes to take a few photos of the Giant Puffin, this would be the last one I see until April or May of next year.

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