Friday, 4 June 2010

North Bishop 04/06/2010

With today being yet another glorious day I decide to paddle out to St David's Head and then out toward North Bishop and see what occurs!

There is a slight haze today as I look towards my intended target of North Bishop and to Ramsey Island on my left.
As I approach the group of rocks that make up North Bishop I am circled by a group of Gannets, I hope they don't mistake me for a large sand eel!
Reaching North Bishop I spot a Gannet on the rocks, he doesn't seem too bothered by my presence but looking closer I can see he has a plastic ring stuck around his body and wings, sadly his days are probably numbered. I wish people could see the suffering they cause when they leave their rubbish on the beach or chuck it in the sea. Perhaps they would then think twice, but somehow I doubt it!There is a largish swell as I paddle around the SW tip of North Bishop but it soon eases up on the east side.I wanted to paddle into what looks like a cave entrance but it is guarded by three seals so not wanting to disturb them I paddle on. As yet I haven't seen any Puffins today, only Gannets and Guillemots, they must be out at sea.
Having a break before paddling back across to the mainland I paddle into an inlet with an arch which is partially blocked, it almost looks like concrete, must be some geological word for this but I have no idea.
The tide is starting to run as I leave North Bishop and begin my long ferry glide back to St David's Head.As I pass the two rocks of Carreg-trai I see my first Puffins of the day fly overhead.
Although there are no obvious signs of any tide flow, when I pass a lobster pot buoy, the speed of the tide can be clearly seen. I don't seem to be losing any ground so my ferry glide angle must be ok, I hope.
As I near the mainland it gets a little hazy again. I wonder if there is a sea mist coming in, not to worry though as I am nearly back.
I am soon paddling past Carreg Gafeilliog and back into Porthsele after a paddle of 9 nautical miles (16.5 km) which mostly consisted of a ferry glide there and back.
The day was then brought to a close by another sunset.


soundoftheseagull said...

Another great paddle and of course pics very envious.

Kate said...

Fab pictures!

Anonymous said...

I think 'conglomerate' is the geological term you're after re the 'concrete'

Great pics!


Richard said...

Thanks all for the comments and cheers Hasis, you learn something new everyday.