Thursday, 3 June 2010

Paddling With Company 03/06/2010

The day started with Bobby and Harry running in excitedly wanting us to see the two birds circling above the caravan. The smaller one was a Buzzard but the larger one was a Red Kite. Harry took great pleasure in looking them both up in his bird book.

After yesterday's exertions I decided to opt for a gentle paddle across to Ramsey and asked Kurt and Phillippa (fellow Pencarnan neighbours), who have recently purchased two P & H Capellas, if they fancied keeping me company.

We used the start of the ebbing tide to take us down through yet again a flat calm Ramsey Sound to the Bitches.
The tide was just starting to flow over the Bitches but not enough to spoil the opportunity of a photo with the infamous Bitches in the background!

We made our way over to the landing jetty for a drink and a quick snack before making our way northwards paddling close to the cliffs.

Kurt and Phillippa paddle through the cave, an advantage of a plastic kayak, but I have to take the long route.We paddle up to and around Trwyn Ogof Hen where we encounter a bit of adverse tide as we paddle into the bay of Ogof Hen.
As we explore the caves in Bay Ogof Hen we see a few seals and hear more eerie sounds from inside the caves (it wasn't me Kurt it was the seals, honest).
We stop at the entrance to another cave for a drink before starting back on our ferry glide back across to the mainland.
A paddle of nearly 5.5 nautical miles (10 km). Hopefully Kurt and Phillippa enjoyed their first trip over to Ramsey in a sea kayak.


soundoftheseagull said...

Need to join you one day looks like a fantastic coast line and of course the Bitches, need a gentle intro to them me thinks

James Murray said...

Quite agree Dave, Ramsey is as good as on my doorstep but I have not been over there in a kayak yet.

Richard said...

Anytime you both fancy it give me a shout and I will be glad to come along, I never get bored paddling around Ramsey always something different happening.
Reading your blog Dave I could say the same about Anglesey, I must definately get up there soon.