Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Porth Clais With A Few Detours 01/06/2010

I actually had a paddling plan today which was to use the last of the southerly flowing ebb tide to take me through Ramsey Sound, paddle around to Porth Clais, and then use the beginning of the flood tide to bring me back up the Sound.

As I paddled through the Sound there was little visible sign of much tide flow but I seemed to be making good progress across the unusually flat calm Ramsey Sound.
Reaching the southerly end of the Sound the tide flow quickened, with a lobster pot buoy straining at its moorings.
Paddling into Porthlisky Bay there is quite a large swell breaking on Carreg yr Esgob the group of rocks at the entrance to the bay. It looks a bit dodgy to try and paddle through the arch.
As I paddle around Carreg Fran I notice the waves breaking over Half Tide Rock and decide to make a slight detour on the way to Porth Clais. Half tide Rock is a rock that is just over half a mile south of Porth Clais which is visible for a couple of hours either side of low water.
After watching the waves breaking on the rock for a bit I paddle northward to the small sheltered harbour of Porth Clais where the tide is just starting to come back in and refloat the boats.
I stop for a while before starting on my paddle back to Porthsele this time staying close to the cliffs with one eye on the swell crashing onto the rocks with the after effects resembling a tiger's fur.

The tide hadn't come in enough so I had to paddle around the headland of Carreg Fran where again the swell was crashing against the rock creating impressive waves and spray.
Paddling into Porthlisky it is sheltered from the swell by Carreg yr Esgob and making it an ideal for this yacht to anchor up either to spend the night or wait for the flood tide.
I make another slight detour on my paddle out of Porthlisky and head out to Carreg yr Esgob and have a closer look at the arch, the tide is still not high enough to paddle through.
Instead of paddling straight back through the Sound I take another detour over to the Bitches where the tide is just starting to flow northward. I then have an easy paddle through a still very calm Ramsey Sound until I approach St John's Point where the sea is just starting to liven up a touch.

Another good paddle of 9.5 nautical miles (17.5km) in near perfect conditions. We end the day with a short walk to Porthsele to watch the sun going down over a flat calm sea..........perfect.

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stoney (Martyn) said...

I just can't wait to get down there now, I'm getting really exited about that amazing coastline.
see ya soon