Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Big Spring Tide 23-01-2011

With the wind picking up overnight and there being big Spring tides it would only be a short paddle today.
Paddling out to the rocky outcrop of Carreg Gafeilliog there was a slight swell which made things a bit more interesting as I paddled between the various rocks that make up Carreg Gafeilliog.
The Southerly flowing ebb tide was already building up speed as I ferry glided from St John's Point out to Gwahan.
Conditions were quite lively out at the small rock with waves breaking over the Southerly tip of the it.
Paddling up to the North end of Gwahan I then broke back into the main tide race and let it take me into Ramsey Sound.

It was an express ride through the Sound and before I knew it I was at the small beach at Carn ar Wig.
After a short break I start making my way Northward following the mainland coast of Ramsey Sound.
I take a look in Ogof Mary and like yesterday there was plenty of water in the springs flowing off the cliff.
I paddle into a sheltered St Justinian and then the short distance back to Porthsele which is a bit of a slog as I am paddling into the now quite strong wind.
Only a short paddle in very different conditions from yesterday. Yet another great weekend in Pembrokeshire, lets hope the new year continues as it has started.


stoney (Martyn) said...

Looked like a brilliant weekend there, hoping to get to Angelsey this weekend if the weather looks settled.
Just had to buy a new day hatch cover, the other one fell to bits on New Years Day.

Richard said...

It was a pretty good weekend hard to believe it was the middle of January.
Hope you make it to Anglesey on the weekend. The weather down here isn't looking to good with the wind picking up.
Will keep an eye on your blog to see if you make it.

stoney (Martyn) said...

Not looking good actually, windy! Will keep my eye out over next couple of days