Saturday, 12 July 2008

Around the Head 12/07/2008

I hope yesterday was not a one off, as today things were back to normal with winds force 4-5 occasionally 6.

With the tide starting to flow southward I decided to paddle around St David’s Head against the tide and see how things went.

On rounding the Head the sea was very confused with waves bouncing back off the cliffs and hitting the waves coming in.

Progress was very slow and challenging but good practice all the same .

For about a mile from St David’s Head there are numerous small inlets but as can be seen from the photos, not much room to land,

which is a shame as this cave looks worth exploring, though I wouldn’t fancy the climb down!

On reaching the point at Penllechwen the usual overfalls were already building to a fair side, but even though the tide flow was against me, I could surf the standing waves and was soon into the calmer waters of the small beach of Gesail-fawr where I had a well deserved drink and munch of an energy bar!

From here I was able to see right along the North East facing coast of Pembrokeshire with the lighthouse of Strumble Head just visible in the distance.

I decided to head back which should be a lot easier as the tide will be in my favour. The overfalls at Penllechwen were great fun and got quite a soaking.

I made rapid progress back to the head with Ramsey Island coming into view and then disappearing as I dropped into the troughs between the waves.

After rounding the Head it was then a leisurely paddle through the sheltered water back to Porthsele with Pencarnan caravan site above. This was a relatively short paddle of only 5 ½ nautical miles but quite a challenging one and great fun in the rough water.

Pencarnan from the sea

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